Monday, April 22, 2013

Group Family Camping

Ottis came up here a few weeks ago with another group (a Father-Son camp out) and enjoyed it so much, he decided he wanted to come back with the whole family. As a matter of fact he put together the outing and it became a church event for the Madison campus of Willowbrook. 
I would say it was an unusual weekend for April but what is normal for weather around here anymore? It came quite a downpour the night before their event and then came a 30 degree temperature drop. The high on Thursday was around 83 and Friday it was 53 with a frost warning for Saturday morning! 
Ottis brought his RV so I am sure they were quite comfy and a few other families braved it out as well. 
There looked to be about 20 in all at the peak of things, though not everyone stayed overnight. They had a night scavenger hunt which I am sure was a hoot and then a game of kickball the next day.
This was a great group of folks that really seemed to enjoy themselves. Before leaving, Ottis donated three items to our game collection which we appreciate so much. I asked if he had noticed a group of raccoons that tend to wander through the campground on a regular basis and he said no, but indicated that there was a huge rat that made a dash across the pavilion. They mentioned something about another trip in the Fall...personally I think that would be a great idea ! :)

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