Monday, August 17, 2015

Boy Scout Troop 96 Weekend

This boy scout group has been coming up to the camp for several years now and we are always glad to have them. 
The tents started out scattered out from the pavilion but when the rain came all but one under up underneath...along with a few hammocks as well. 

The boys played a few rounds of checkers...went for a hike and did a craft or two. 
The big thing, however, was a cooking contest. 
Now we're not sure who actually won, but the food did look edible!

Mary Breeden, one of the troop leaders, said she'd never made it down to the Secret Creek before...I hope she had the chance on this trip. This group may just get the top prize when it comes to cleaning up the place before they leave! As always, we look forward to their next trip.

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