Monday, October 26, 2015

FBC Huntsville's RA Campout

The First Baptist Huntsville RA's have been coming up to the camp for a long time. I was able to spend a little time with Wesley Blake who was making his last trip. Wesley said that best he could recall this was his 14th year. 
Charles and some other guys I spoke with said they had not yet put together a plan for when he would not be with them....seeing how Wesley is not only the set-up man but also the cook. Things went well with a couple of tarps hanging up to block off the breeze. 

The boys made their way to the outdoor recreation area where they participated in some air rifle practice and a bout of archery. Nick Farrow from Willowbrook was kind enough to help the boys out with the bow and arrows.
They did have the Christian juggler and entertainer/missionary and his family with them again this year. There was a little late night flashlight tag and then folks made it to their tents.

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