Monday, October 5, 2015

Meadow Drive Church Picnic

Saturday, the third day of October, was not a particularly beautiful day -- not the kind you associate with early October.  It was grey, wet, and very cool -- but that didn't stop the group from Meadow Drive Baptist from making their first trip out to the camp for a church picnic!

Early we hung some tarps around the pavilion, and their pastor, Steve Andrews, got a nice fire going in the fireplace.  As folks started rolling in, the rain stopped long enough for them to head down to the ponds to do some fishing:
From the looks of it, the fish were biting just fine!
Then the rain started up again and they gathered under the pavilion -- mostly on the end with the fire place - and enjoyed some food and fellowship. 
Including a game of checkers . . .
All in all, it was the perfect day for just hanging out in front of the fireplace!
They probably left a little sooner than they'd originally planned, but they left the place spic and span and we hope they'll come back again soon -- we'll try to have some prettier weather arranged for them!

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