Monday, September 27, 2010

Toney Family Reunion and New Assets

I called Mrs. Audrey Jacks the day before just to make sure everything was a go for the Toney Family Reunion scheduled for Saturday. The weatherman was a little iffy -- aren't they always --about a chance of rain. She told me last year it rained on them at her brother's house, and they had to move it to the church fellowship hall. The event was still on and her brother was coming up a little early to get things ready.

On Saturday morning Denise and I went to pick up a used golf cart we found for the camp at a great deal. We had borrowed one from a friend to use at the Jamboree, and found out just what an asset it was. Though it's an older model, it's a nice one and has really been taken care of.

We returned from our trip down to south Huntsville the Reunion folks had already begun arriving. After getting everything situated I made my way over there to take care of the paperwork and meet some folks. The smell of the many foods present was mighty fine though I did not hang around long.

Later after lunch I dropped in again to meet some other folks and take a few pictures. There were only a few kids in this bunch though Mrs. Audrey said several from the family did not make it up.

Before the college football games really got cranked up they were all gone and had picked the place up could hardly tell anyone had even been up here. Final count was 42.

Denise and I took a ride down to close and lock the gate in the new golf cart. One thing I really love about the electric carts is how quiet they are.

While we were at it we went over to the upper campground to take a closer look at the new bathroom facilities that had been delivered a week before

Sam Kelly and crew had been working on this thing and I have to say it is pretty nice. The inside is close to finished and in a few weeks the lot will be cleaned off. If all goes well it will be hooked up and ready to go. Not sure who all participated in this project, but I want to send them my thanks!

We tooled around for awhile and then made it back in time to have a great cup of hot chocolate and settle in to watch the game

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