Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Golf Tournament Promo

I took off work for a little while today to promote the Golf Tournament Fund Raiser for Camp MACOBA. My dad and Joe Whisenant were cooking fish and hush puppies, and Blake cooked some mighty fine chicken as well, so I made the trip to In-Line Electric.
I had contacted Randy Blackwood the day before, a friend of mine who just happens to be one of the owners, to see if I could pass out some fliers at the fish fry to help promote the camp. Not only did he say yes but he had a table set up for me before I got there. Randy is a good friend.
Last count I believe there were around 700 folks in attendance. I managed to pass out a few fliers, meet some great folks and eat some outstanding food. There was quite a mix of folks attending--most of whom were blue collar construction workers--but I caught sight of a few politicians as well. You get that many folks together and they are bound to show up. I even saw and spoke with my brother there which I had not seen in a while.

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