Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Archers and Storms

This past weekend the Mable Hill Youth and the Christian Southern Archers both had events scheduled up at the camp. Everything was worked out and ready to go when the weather decided to intervene. It rained most of the day on Friday, so Mable Hill decided to reschedule for a day in the fall. The Archery Shoot was not supposed to take place until Saturday morning, so the rain was of no concern for them.

Earlier in the week CSA came out and set their targets up in the lower field and just off the nature trail. Our grandson Sawyer spent the night with us on Friday and he loves to go for a ride in "Easy" so Denise took him around the camp. A couple of targets really caught his attention and he was okay from a distance but the closer she got to the animals, the more concerned he got and would even growl under his breath.
On Saturday morning my dad came up for a visit and we hung out around the pond for awhile until it got hot. I saw a few friends of mine who were participating in the shoot. Heath Quick and Greg Able were here along with their boys Drew and Bryce. Carla Brown came up to hang out with her daughter, Rachel, as well.

The event organizer, Chris, said the shoot went well and I believe there were close to 40 folks involved. The shoot was scheduled to be over at 2:00 but sometime around 1:00 a quick storm came through with some extremely strong winds that brought down some huge trees. Already the High Ridge Trail is completely blocked off and now the Nature Trail is as well. It also brought down a very large tree that snapped the top of the utility pole and put the main lines down on the ground. We were without power from about 1:30 p.m. on Saturday until about 8:00 on Sunday night. The utility guy told me that when he came into work on Saturday morning they had 145 tickets still to go from that quick little storm.

Plans are to have the Disaster Relief Team up here this week--if they are able--thanks to Harold Sellers and Wayne Miller. There is one section of the pier that needs spindles put on the handrail and it will be finished. If the weather cooperates I will finish that up today. We now have a working stove up at the pavilion which is a big asset for those SS Fellowships and Church Picnics. As a matter of fact Kay Howard and Company from Winchester Road Baptist were glad to have it yesterday as they began their yearly Hispanic VBS! We have recently acquired an ice machine and hope to have it up and running next week. Willowbrook is scheduled to have a camp-out this coming weekend and we're looking forward to having them.

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