Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challengers Overnight

Tim Lawrence and his guys brought out the Challengers from Whitesburg Baptist last weekend for an overnight stay.  The group was rather small this time; Tim said they had several cancellations.  I was going to get some pictures but by the time I went back over there it was already dark and with the fire ban in effect, there was no campfire going.  I heard one of the boys suggest turning off the lantern to see how dark it would be, whereupon one of the men replied, oh don't worry darkness is coming a little later. 

I don't see many churches who have AWANA and RA's and especially the older RA boys, called Challengers.  By the time the boys reach this age most churches have them in the youth group.  While I think AWANA is a great program, it does not seem to be as focused on missions as the RA/GA Program. 

Tim and some of the guys were sitting around the table after dinner talking about how big the groups used to be and how they have dwindled in the last few years. I can remember growing up how we were pretty much outside until dark every night playing football, baseball or something.  Kids now-a-days don't seem to find the same pleasure in outdoor activities.  Whitesburg generally uses the camp a couple of times a year and for that we are very thankful and always look forward to their outings. 

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