Saturday, June 4, 2011

Watts Family Fishing Outing

It's was a sultry, hot day, yesterday . . . too hot to do much of anything, which made it the perfect day for fishing! And that's just what the Watts family came to Camp MACOBA to do. Todd & I have known Brother Randy & Miranda Watts for a long time and count them as dear friends. And they are not only friends, but Brother Randy is also the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, our sending church! So we were very pleased to have them up here, enjoy a picnic lunch together, and spend a lazy afternoon down at Serenity Pond.

It was the new dock's first official outing, too. It made it very nice to put out the chairs and sit over the water! Peter, the youngest of the Watts clan, was working the water, anxious for a bite.

He got one, too!

A turtle! Yikes! This was a decent sized snapping turtle, but Miranda saw one swim by later on that she claimed was probably two or even THREE times this guy's size. I'd heard of fishing tales, but turtles tales . . . ?

After spending some time feeding bread to the little fish under the dock, Miranda felt like it was time to get serious and bait the hook!

Jonathan, following his dad's advice, headed down to Silty Bottom pond, and caught himself a nice big bass! A little later he changed up his bait and hooked another nice one up at Serenity, but as we were watching it freed itself when he tried to pull it in. Ah well, every fishing outing has to have a story about the one that got away!

Brother Randy spent a lot of his time getting rods ready, untangling lines and supervising, but he did finally manage to throw his line in the water, too. He caught a nice little bass down at Silty Bottom, too -- but the fishing was tougher up at Serenity!

After Miranda had fished for a bit, and while the guys valiantly continued to cast their lines, she and I headed off on Easy (dubbed by Miranda as our "all-terrain golf cart") for a thorough tour of the camp. I took her down Beech Bottom Trail to the Secret Creek, and then we headed down the Nature Trail to play around in Crawdad Creek. Finally, we swung around to the upper meadow and then into the main campground. It was nice playing tour guide for the afternoon! It also afforded us plenty of "girl talk" time!

Right about the time we were finishing up our tour, the guys said they were ready for watermelon. So we grabbed the lovely, seedless melon that the Watts had brought, and headed back down to the pond.

Brother Randy did the honors, and we stood around for a bit, munching watermelon. It was the perfect way to cap off a nice afternoon. We hope the Watts family will come back soon!

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