Sunday, October 28, 2012

FBH - Annual Lads and Dad Camp Out

The day started out grey and quite cool, but that didn't dampen the spirits of this group from First Baptist Huntsville, as they made their way up to the camp for their annual RA's Lads and Dads weekend.  This event is a tradition they've carried on at the camp for many years and it's always fun to be a part of their activities.

Tent got set up lickety-split, and soon the camp ground was filled with all shapes, sizes, and colors of nylon shelters.  
Wes Blake, the organizer, always sets up his tent at the pavilion, since he's the chief cook (and he likes to get up very early to start things off).

Once tents were up, fathers and sons headed up to Megiddo's Field for some planned activities, like archery:

And a little target practice:

Some threw around a little pigskin while waiting for their turn at the other stations:

This year, their speaking missionary came from Kentucky and brought his whole family (his wife and six children).  This was their little abode:
And I think our space is small for two people?  They housed two adults and six children in this setup!  That's true commitment to the Gospel cause!

I headed over to the pavilion after they'd finished up dinner and were settling in to watch/listen to the missionary, Nathan Dorrell (aka "The Crazy Tie Guy") who happened to be a juggler. 
He delivered up a fabulous program -- one that involved all of his family -- including his wife, who worked a Chinese yo-yo.  
He incorporated the Gospel message into his juggling act beautifully.  
The boys ... and their dads ... were totally captivated by his program and Nathan did a marvelous job including the audience in his program, too.

I couldn't help but take a couple of videos of Nathan doing his act and couldn't decide which ones to share, so here they all are:

Nathan juggling knives . . . that's his three year old on the ground beneath him!

As always, we enjoyed having the FBH RAs up here -- it's a wonderful group of dads and sons and we will look forward to their return visit.

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