Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

June could not have offered up a more lovely afternoon for an outdoor party than what it offered up last Saturday for the Kimbrough family.  Wayne Kimbrough (father) and Eddie Kimbrough (son) are both good friends of Todd's, and when Eddie requested use of the Camp for his daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party, we were happy to be able to oblige them.
The decorating committee got busy and soon had the pavilion all  prettied up with balloons, banners, and tablecloths.  I noted some intriguing candle holders and Eddie shared with me that he had made them himself out of cedar, and his daughter had the clever idea of using citronella votive candles in them to ward off the mosquitoes.
While the cooks were busy cooking and prepping for the food end of the festivities, a large crowd headed over to the upper field for games.  

I misunderstood their timing for the games and so I didn't get any pictures.  This is really too bad because from the stories that were told, flour was flying as were arms and legs and it must have been a very comical sight!

After the games, folks settled back down at the pavilion . . .   

And the master griller (Eddie) got busy preparing brats, burgers, and dogs . . .
The music played and folks ate and chatted and had an overall good evening.  Todd was working so he had to miss this one.  Hopefully the next time the Kimbrough family makes its way up here, he'll be able to fellowship with them just a bit!

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