Monday, May 28, 2012

LBC Youth Service Project Weekend

They called it a "Service Project Weekend" and that is exactly what went on.  The Lighthouse Baptist Church youth group arrived Friday evening, which is when I took all the pictures.  After that everyone was too busy for picture taking.  Chris, the adult youth leader, and Alex took some time to 'cheese it up' for the camera!
We have many good friends at Lighthouse and it was good to see some that came up with the youth.  Kristian's dad, Roger, came up early and really helped us out with some plumbing projects and did an excellent job.  Friday night was spent in setting up tents, cooking dinner and hanging out by the fireplace mostly.  I joined them for the dinner part. 
Before heading back to the RV I met with two of the youths--Peter and Kristian--who seemed to be the youth leaders.  They had taken the Camp MACOBA projects' list (4 pages) and had already organized the list and assigned everyone their particular tasks.  The plan was for everyone to begin work right after breakfast on Saturday morning. The temps were expected to reach the mid 90's so the earlier they got to work, the better.  
Come Saturday morning I headed over to the pavilion around 8:00 and everyone was all ready to go.  I answered a few questions and then hooked up the trailer for the brush clearing crew.  I saw Tonita and Jessica taking everything out of the storage room and preparing to do some serious cleaning.  People went off in different directions, all with a purpose.  
Wow, how time flies--I have known some of these youth since they were born!  Around 11:00 everyone was finished and shortly thereafter were eating some lunch.  I was not only impressed with the hard work but the respectfulness shown by this group.  
Lighthouse Baptist Church should be very proud of the youth in their youth group.  We are certainly thankful for all their hard work in getting the camp in tip-top-shape, and look forward to their return in the future!

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