Friday, May 1, 2015

Two Eagle Projects Completed!

The Camp has been the beneficiary of several Boy Scouts working on Eagle Scout projects this year.  The first project finish was one that's been near and dear to the heart of the camp -- taking the Nature Trail and adding tree/plant identification markers:
and over twenty birdhouses:
to the trail to make it of educational benefit.  The scout, Ethan Canup, has worked diligently for a year, working with a several different people to get this project completed and we're so excited!  We are very thankful for Ethan and Troop 8 for all the hard work and effort that went into getting the project finished.

The second project was completed by Neil Hudson from Troop 7004.  Neil chose a project that benefited the obstacle course.  Most folks when they come up don't even see the course, so Neil organized the building and installation of a large sign at the obstacle course entrance. Neil's troop came out to help him get the sign in the ground:
They did a great job!

So, two Eagle Projects are finished and several more are in the works!  We're so blessed to have the support from the Boy Scout community in Madison County!

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