Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jackson Way Missions Supper Club

We had the pleasure of hosting the Missions Supper Club from Jackson Way Baptist on Tuesday night.  This group meets monthly at various restaurants depending on what country they're discussing in their group.  For example, if they're discussing missions in Mexico, they eat Mexican.  If they're discussing missions in China, they eat Chinese. And when they were discussing camp missions, they called Camp MACOBA to see if they could meet out there.

Of course we said yes!

The evening started with games . . .
Marshmallow games to be specific!

Then a typical camp dinner of grilled hot dogs and chips.
After dinner, we shared with them a powerpoint program on the Camp.  It was nice to be able to share with them about the camp and upcoming events that are planned, like the cabins.  We hope they'll go back to their church and share with others and we'll see more Jackson Way faces!

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