Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life of Christ Fellowship Family Camping

We had a last minute cancellation for Memorial Day weekend which worked out perfect for Life of Christ Fellowship.  Their original plans fell through and left them looking for a campground and Camp MACOBA was it.

They started coming in early Friday afternoon and put up their tents.  About ten families and lots of children, which means it wasn't long before the camp was filled with the happy sounds of laughter and shouting and fun!
They quickly had a campfire going and it looked like a pretty nifty camp setup!
Not long after getting all set up, they found their way down to Secret Creek and I think they may have spent the majority of their time in what we like to consider the BEST spot in the whole camp!
They had a great time and we're so happy we were able to accommodate them!  We hope they'll be back again soon!

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