Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall's Turn

My wife's favorite time of the year has finally arrived "Fall". Summer is quite a strong season and really just did not want to let go, as it was still in the mid 90's only a week or so ago. The other day I took a tour around the camp just doing some reflecting and getting ideas for the spring. I took a few pictures like the one here of the first sign of fall up here. Summer is only the boss for so long.
The ponds look good, especially the upper one, and there will be some major changes coming up there before spring. While I was easing around up there I caught this little critter just sunning himself on the bridge. Won't be too long and he will be hidden away for several months awaiting a warm spring day.
We are proceeding with our plans to replace the gate at the entrance of the camp. Last week we placed the order for the gate and the electronic opening system. The actual gate is scheduled to be installed in about 4-5 weeks while the electronic parts will be here next week. The owner of New Market Iron Works, Inc. has been gracious enough to sell it to us at cost...we are getting a great deal on a quality gate! We appreciate this very much.

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