Sunday, November 14, 2010

He & Me Day

Todd was on shift on Saturday, but I was happy to step in and play host for our guests that day, especially since it was a group I hold dear -- Girl Scouts!! Troop 660 had elected to have their annual "He & Me" day up at the camp. They had a terrific turnout, with over 80 girls and their fathers participating.

The first activity of the afternoon was a nature hike/scavenger hunt. The pairs of dads & daughters could hike wherever they wanted in the camp, but were to collect as many things on the list as possible. I heard tales of folks wandering all over the place!

After about an hour, groups of dads & daughters brought their scavenged loot back up to the pavilion.

While leader, Dena Yell, and co-leader, Dana, got the supplies for next activity (a craft) ready, the girls and their dads rested at the tables . . .

. . . and played out in the playground!

Finally, when all the girls and dads had made it back, on of the leaders called roll (to make sure we hadn't lost any of those dads out in the woods), and the groups got busy making critters with their scavenger finds!

Some of those dads were pretty intent on their craft!

After they'd finished with the craft, girls and dads headed out to the campfire circle for a round of campfire songs and my favorite, s'mores!

Once the event was over, folks cleared out very quickly; but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Auburn was in the middle of a game and Alabama was playing a few hours later!

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