Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So long, Oscar

Most of the morning was spent clearing an old trail that had become impassable. Earlier in the day Brother Charles Miller had called to see if it would be alright to bring his grandsons up later to fish. I told him, "Sure, y'all come on up when you get ready."

To tell the truth I was so into the trail cleaning that I forgot about all them until my cell phone rang around 1:30. Brother Charles said, "You wanted me to call if we got him right?" I said, "Uh yeah right, who do you mean 'the big one'?" He told me I'd better head their way with the camera.

These days the camera goes with me just about everywhere, so I hopped in ol' Easy, turned around on the trail, and made a bee-line to Serenity Pond. The three grandsons together had caught six bass--and some pretty good ones at that.
One of the boys was telling me that his grandpa was actually on the phone with another pastor when his cork went clean out of sight! Brother Charles said into the phone, "Hold on, I’ve got a fish!"

It didn’t take long to realize this was not just another bass, but it had the very real possibility of being Oscar. The biggest bass in the pond was given the name Oscar by me. He has outwitted many a fisherman, even though Shannon Crim’s son almost landed him a week or so ago. There would be no escape this time as Brother Charles landed him and Oscar was on a stringer when I got there.
I got the scale and even though it's unofficial, he weighed 7 pounds. Brother Charles could put his whole fist in Oscar’s mouth and he did!
They left shortly after and turned all the fish back loose, except Oscar of course, who is going on the wall.

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