Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outside is the place to be!

A friend of mine, Shannon Crim called me early in the week to see if it was ok to bring his boys up to the camp to do a little fishing on Thursday, since they were out of school. They had never been to the camp before. I told him it would be a great idea. Actually I think most of this conversation took place in texts back and forth. I had a lunch meeting so I missed their arrival by about 30 minutes. I asked Shannon to please take some pictures if they caught anything so I could put it on the blog. I went on to say that there was a chance one of them might catch “Oscar” and I really wanted a picture of him.

Oscar is king of Serenity Pond, which is the camp's upper pond. He can eat just about anything that comes swimming by, so the fish left in there are either friends, family or great at hide and seek. One of the pastors who fishes up here a bit saw Oscar earlier in the year, when he rolled at a fly the pastor was fishing with. I have seen Oscar a time or two myself, when he was running minnows along the banks. Best guess is that Oscar weights around 7 pounds.

Early in the afternoon I got back from lunch, parked the truck, got in Easy and went down to spend some time with our visitors. It was a beautiful day with hardly any wind and the temps in the lower 80’s. Shannon had brought his kayak with him and we managed to get one of those huge spools that had somehow made it into the water back out on the bank. He showed me on the camera where the boys had actually caught 4 decent sized bass, and then went on to tell me a story. He said they had been catching nothing and then like someone had flipped a switch they started biting.

Charlie, Shannon’s oldest son, hooked into one and the fight was on. Shannon ran down the bank and saw that it was Oscar. Charlie kept fighting him and had him close enough to the bank to net. Shannon didn’t know whether to grab his camera or the net and in that split second Oscar sensed a little confusion and made a run back out toward the middle of the pond and snapped Charlie’s line. Now both Charlie and Shannon were able to get quite a good look at Oscar and judging by the dimensions that were given to me Oscar may be a little bigger than I thought!

Jack Parker and Charlie took turns in the Kayak and Charlie did manage to catch another bass that I took a picture of. Not sure if they spent any time trying their luck in Silty Bottom, the lower pond, but they seemed to have a great time.

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