Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Reunion at MACOBA

The Kimbrough family reunion reminded me of the early years of my life when MaMa was still around we had a family reunion every year in August at her house. She had seven kids of which my dad was the youngest. Those were some good memories filled with plenty of food and always meeting a cousin or two I had never seen before. The men would end up pitching horseshoes, telling hunting stories, and discussing where the fish were biting. The women would be in a big group filled with laughter one minute and almost a hush of silence the next. Dad always said they were sharing prayer concerns during those quieter times while other men referred to it as something different. One of the sad things about my grandmother's death was the reunions also seemed to die out as well. Oh they tried to all get together a time or two after that but other things always seemed to come up.

I spent a little while with the Kimbrough family and they seem to be such good folks. I have known Wayne (Pastor of Five Points Baptist) for several years now. He and his wife are such servants of our Lord. I also spent some time talking with Eddie, Wayne's son. Eddie and I share a lot of the same thoughts and beliefs when it comes to the church and ministry. It was good to see a family these days and times to make it a point to get together on a regular basis so as not to lose touch. I hope to see them again.

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