Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boy Scout Weekend

Well the holiday weekend was originally scheduled for Willowbrook Baptist Church and a weekend family camp out, but that kind of fell apart about a week ago. Instead, Chris Wilson scheduled it for Boy Scout Troop 757.
I hung out with them for a while, learned a thing or two, and took a few pictures. Several, well actually, most of the boys up for this trip were new . . . this was their first official outing. I think the word 'tenderfoot' was used.

One of the leaders, Ken Boyd, explained the three pot system they had going here.
The first pot was hot boiling water, the second one was water with Clorox, and the last was just cold water. Wash, sanitize, and rinse.

There was plenty of food and activities were going on as well. When everyone first arrived, the pulled up into the upper campground and the rain began to fall. They dropped back to Plan B, which was to camp out near the Pavilion. They were certainly prepared, as the camp trailer was packed.
I think it was Saturday morning when I could finally get back up there and I heard quite a commotion going on about something. As I got closer it was clear there was a contest going on. A standing jump contest I guess it would be called. Instructors were standing by with tape measures.
Everyone seemed to have a great time and I'm sure much was learned by all!

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