Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whistle while you work . . .

All the weathermen were calling for the weekend to be a wash-out. I guess that is why they call it a prediction. We had a group come in from Betheleham Baptist last Thursday and did an outstanding job at the camp. Karen from the church called me the week before to reserve the camp for a fishing event on Saturday May 8th. This group of men brought their own mowers and had the grass looking good; especially the upper field as it looked like new carpet had just been put down. It is my understanding that the Pastor suited up in his waders and got in the water to give the upper pond a good trimming back. I have been told this group came up here last year and did the same thing. I did not get to meet any of these guys but hope to in the future. I want to send out a special thanks to the following for such a fine job: Lon Ostrzycki, Alan Ostrzycki, Dean Hamaker, Phillip Eady, Bob Milner, Jack Phillips, Billy Medlock, Dale Finley, Ron Glass, and Greg Culver

Saturday was a great workday and much was accomplished. Not sure if the threat of weather kept anyone away but we had a great group of guys. Andy Dobbs brought a crew from Locust Grove and they spent most of their time working on the equipment shed.
He had heavy equipment going this way and that, and even had a mishap or two, but no one was hurt (beyond a pinched finger) in the ordeal. It appears that the shed is close to half-way finished which is a major accomplishment. One of the guys in Andy's crew (Todd Gipson) really knew his way around a tractor/front-end loader. I guess when you do that for a living it helps.

Gipson's son was overheard saying, "A ninety pound boy carrying an eighty pound chain!" That's about the size of it all right!

Dueling tractors!

Clearing the debris from the site where the new shed is going . . .

Putting the sections together . . .

Watch out for your fingers!

Sam Kelly was all over the place and involved in every project. He was up there with the guys putting the shed together one minute and then down splitting a cord of wood the next. Now I have seen a lot of fires but the one Sam had going was ...remember the movie Towering Inferno?! I don't think there is anything he can't do.

Rob Peavy was there and brought along some help as well. He is another one who is always involved. President Reagan was called "the great communicator" but Rob just might give him a run for his money and Rob's pretty handy with a chainsaw as well. John Prince, the guy that came with Rob, was a great help as he assisted me in loading and unloading three huge piles of brush. I was thinking the whole time he was riding with sure you ain't kin to Rob?

Chairman of the Camp MACOBA committee Chris Wilson was on the scene and did some mighty fine work on the grill as there was almost no food left over!

Oh yeah and Chris certainly has the heart of a servant as he was cleaning the camp bathrooms earlier in the day.

My lovely wife Denise was such a help with many things, especially serving up lunch and then taking care of the clean-up. Only for about ten minutes out of the whole day did we head for cover because of the weather.

Everyone enjoys a break for lunch!

Let's see many of the guys brought their kids with them as I believe the total was 18. The adults were: Rob Peavy, Sam Kelly, Chris Wilson, Andy Dobbs, John Prince, Todd Gipson, Tom Brink, Dewayne Hall, Jonathan Dobbs and me and my wife.

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