Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pastor's Conference

The last Pastor's Conference before summer break was held Tuesday at Camp MACOBA. This was also the fish fry. The best I could determine there were about forty folks present for this event, including all the staff. Chris Wilson and Sam Kelly also made it up. I noticed Bobby Gordan, pastor of Legacy Baptist Church, was there and I spoke with Don Shultz of New Market Baptist.

The food was great and there were no leftovers...except maybe a few hushpuppies. The weather was not too hot and everyone seemed to have a good time of fellowship. Brother Jones and I talked for a bit about ministry and various things. I am at a loss for his first name but I know his son (Steve) real well, as he is Captain at the Huntsville Fire department.

When everything was all cleaned up and people left there were three of us who stayed and talked for about another hour. Tom Parker and Josh Harris, both youth guys from Wall Highway, and I had a good conversation. I had heard good things about these guys from my daughter and son-in-law. They seem to really have a good head on their shoulders.

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