Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bethlehem Fishing Outing

I am getting a little behind on this blog....things have been busy! On Saturday, May 8, we had a great bunch of folks from Bethlehem Baptist in Hazel Green. I was very specific there because we have two Bethlehem Baptists in our association. The other one is located in Lacey Spring.

Anyway the week before, much of this same group came up and cut the grass at the camp and did an outstanding job trimming around the upper pond. One of the guys cooking was Ron Glass. I knew his son Ron from Flint River. They had the grill going and things smelling good.

My wife and I walked around the pond taking a few pictures and talking with some of the folks who came up. It wasn't long before one of the younger guys who came along landed a bass that was close to two pounds.

Bethlehem has been up here before and we really appreciate their help in keeping the camp up. Their Pastor Lon was helping one of the kids in his search for a nice sized fish. Talking with one of the gentlemen fishing on the bank he said that Lon could very easy be a guide if he wanted to.....but then again isn't that a mark of a good pastor? Well it wasn't long before the boy landed a good shellcracker.

I would have to say this one was just shy of a pound. The weather was very nice and never really did get hot. It seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves and we certainly loved having them up here.

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