Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Celebration

After church we had our kids and their families up for Denise's birthday. I grilled out some burgers and some dogs and even through in a couple of brats...or as some folks call them sausage dogs!

Jocelyn made a birthday cake which was chocolate on chocolate and very good.

Sawyer, our grandson was present and this always brings a smile for Denise. Everyone had a good time and after a few hours folks dispersed.

Later this same afternoon the Kimbrough family came out to do some fishing and just walking around the camp. They had relatives from out of town - Michigan, I believe. Eddie and I were up at the pavilion talking until dark. After awhile folks finally started returning to the truck.
Grandma had gone for a walk and was coming along but the hill below the pavilion proved to be too much. Eddie's wife asked if I could go down and help her. Well this is before Easy had lights but we could still see enough to make the trip. I also had a flashlight just in case.

We traveled down the hill, scooped up Grandma and completed the rescue mission without a hitch. She was very thankful and we were pleased to be of service.

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