Monday, October 18, 2010

Earth Movers . . .

I arrived home on Tuesday morning and was refilling the bird feeders, when I heard a vehicle coming up the hill. It drove on over to the upper field and parked. In a few short minutes Easy and I were on our way over to check things out. It was Louis Rickets and his son. Mr. Rickets is a friend of Sam's and had been helping clear out some areas of the campground and the permanent location for the new campground restroom.

I had never met these men so we spent some time in conversation as they loaded up the dozier to take back to the farm. Sam had told me that when it came to equipment Louis Rickets was the man. I thanked them both for all the help with the camp and they said they were glad to do it and would help again in the future. I think Sam had told me Mr. Rickets was close to if not 80 years old. Man I pray I am in half the shape he is in at his age.

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