Friday, October 22, 2010

Whitesburg RAs -- The Raincheck

The Whitesburg RA's had scheduled an outing up at the camp back in the spring, but the weather caused them to cancel. This time it all went according to plan. I had talked to Ray Romine but had never really got to meet him until this outing. He seems to be a great guy and a little younger than I thought. The younger and older groups were both up here on this trip. After everyone was settled, Denise and I drove up to chat with them a bit and get a picture or two

Later that evening I went back up and did a little mingling, snapping a few more pictures and meeting a few folks. I met John Crocker, which I had heard quite a bit about before this day. John seemed to be a very outgoing guy and suggested we have lunch sometime in the future. This sounded like a great idea to me.

They had everything laid out for supper and were finished when I arrived up there.

Matter of fact John was just about to begin their devotion so I quietly eased on off.

The moon that night was full and bright. We didn't need any headlights on Easy that night!

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