Sunday, October 3, 2010


This morning at Lighthouse we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Charles Richards preach. Our normal pastor, Randy Watts, was away on some much needed R&R with his family.

Brother Richards did a fine job and has been a member of Lighthouse for quite awhile now. He is often away preaching at other churches or teaching from the book he wrote on the end times. I really like Brother Richards and have known him for several years.

Rob Peavy had called me on Friday night and said he had a willing and able group from Willowbrook Baptist Church that he wanted to bring up to help around Camp MACOBA on Saturday. Well of course I was glad to hear it, though I would be away at work during the time they would be here. Rob asked for a list so I left one. They did a mighty fine job and many trees were cut and brush picked up. They also split quite a bit of wood and stacked it for future campers. This will be great as I believe there are still four more groups scheduled for this year.

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