Monday, May 7, 2012

Willowbrook's Father-Son Campout

The daytime temperatures were warm but it did cool down some at night.  Chris Wilson, Sam Kelly and around 45 others came up for the Willowbrook Father-Son campout.  The boys seemed to have a good time; they usually do.  The dads were all busy with various camping-related things. 

The first evening seemed to be a free for all with the scheduled activities coming mid morning on Saturday.  There were three different groups that went around to the events that were set-up.  About an hour before things were supposed to begin it got very dark at the camp and thunder could be heard so moves were made to set-up some of the things near the pavilion.  The weather looked a whole lot meaner than it actually was--or the storm decided to just barely miss the camp.  It did keep the temperatures pretty nice. 
The air rifles and slingshots remained near the pavilion  while the archery, hatchet throw and blow darts were just off the top field in the woods.
Earlier Sam had taken the tractor and cleared out some areas in the woods out of the sun which worked out very much so that this area may be a fixture for future events.  He did manage to find some yellow jackets so that area had to be by-passed and roped off.  Willowbrook always brings a good group up and we are always glad to have them.

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