Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pastor's Fish Fry

We just wrapped up the annual MBA Pastor's Fish Fry up at the Camp -- and what a perfect day it was for such an event.  The skies were cloudy but clearing, so the temperatures were cool with a light breeze.  The breeze helped keep the insects at bay and it also let us know when it was time to head over and eat -- because it sure smelled terrific!
When we arrived, there was already a good sized crowd under the pavilion.   There were also a good handful of folks down at the ponds, trying their luck with the fishing.  Oh there were lots of fish stories shared when they got back ... "ministerially speaking" was a phrase tossed about quite a bit, referring to the size of the fish caught!

 The cooks were all on the perimeter.  There was a lot of "taste testing" going on, too. 

The oven was a big help this year -- they were able to keep food warm while they cooked in batches.  

Mrs. Marvoline was in charge of the hush puppies ... and they were the best hush puppies ever.  Better than any restaurant's recipe, for sure!

Our wonderful cooks for this year's fish fry:

The menu consisted of fried fish, crawfish, shrimp, french fries, hush puppies and fried squash:  a veritable feast, for sure.
After the blessing was said, it didn't take long for folks to get in line ... there sure was a pile of food.  Plenty for seconds ... and quite possibly a few went back for thirds.

Brother John, on the other hand, stopped at seconds, so he had room for a small bowl of ice cream.
Pretty sure he topped off that bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream with a thick slice of pound cake.  And he ate every bit of it, too!

A nice group shot to wrap up the event.  With all hands pitching in, clean up went pretty fast.  It was a great afternoon and there were quite a few folks who'd not been up here before.  We hope this was their first visit of many!

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