Monday, May 7, 2012

A Familiar Fellowship

Not long after the Willowbrook group left, we had another group come in for an evening of food and fellowship.  The incoming group was Bill and Sara Rotenberry's Sunday School class from New Market Baptist.  They make it up here at least twice a year and this was their annual spring visit.
They gave the gals a break and decided to cook burgers and hot dogs over the grill.  Their 'master griller' did a terrific job and, as always, the food was marvelous.  We're always so thankful that this group includes us in their fellowship and mealtime!
After everyone had finished up eating, Mrs. Sara handed out a sheet and a pen to each person.  We spent twenty minutes reading a single paragraph and trying to find the names of sixteen books of the Bible.  Do you know that not a one of us were able to find all sixteen?  Most of us came close, but we had to have a little help finding the last two.  There was a lot of laughter and ... discussion ... as this exercise took place.
I did hear one of the class members say that she though perhaps they should make this a quarterly outing, instead of just bi-annually.  Someone else then suggested that they make it a monthly event!  We're all for that!

They had a lovely, cool evening and we certainly hope they will at least be back in the next three months, instead of having to wait for the fall.  I think they'd enjoy an afternoon of fishing on the dock!

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