Monday, May 21, 2012

FRBC Middle School Campers

While Flint River has made use of the camp before -- most notably with their Young At Heart fellowships -- they've never had a group up here overnight until this past weekend.  Bill Edmonds brought out a group of middle schoolers for a night of games and adventure.  And from one of the stories he told the next day, they certainly did have some adventure!
The evening started out in the middle of weather alerts, but here at the camp it stayed dry -- the system moved just to the northeast of us, which was a great thing.  The group decided to pitch their tents around the pavilion, just in case (and because they did have a couple of girls staying with them, too).
Bill said the raccoons were quite rowdy through the night, and he couldn't believe how many he heard or how loud they were.  He was glad he'd remembered to put their food up in the storage room before they headed to their tents for the night.
Saturday morning brought clear skies and the group continued to play their games.  They headed out just after lunch; worn out but happy campers.  We're hoping they'll be back soon.

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