Monday, October 1, 2012

CrossPointe Church - Father Son Overnighter

It's always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to host new groups up at the camp, and that's what happened this weekend.  On Friday and Saturday we had a Father/Son group from Cross Pointe Church.  Their organizer, Amy, had come up to the camp for a tour several weeks prior, and then had brought some of the leaders back with her for a second walk through -- just so everyone knew what to expect.  

The guys got up here around 4ish and got their tents all set up in the main campground.  They may have been newcomers to the camp, but they were certainly not new to camping.  Those tents look solid!

And it's a good thing -- a bit of rain moved in later that evening -- definitely want a secure tent when the rain starts falling!

Amy had planned their activities down to the core and had left them with a great schedule to keep track of things . . .
The rain may have dampened the schedule, but it sure didn't dampen their spirits!  They had a lot of fun stuff planned, including some group time up under the pavilion.

And then that night we heard lots of happy voices and shrieks of laughter.  They had headed up to the large field for a huge game of flashlight tag.  The leaders had asked us earlier how dark it got up here -- they were happy with our answer -- completely dark!

We hope to see them back again -- they were a fabulous and fun group!

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